What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates to improve core strength and spinal alignment. Joseph Pilates was influenced by various physical disciplines such as gymnastics, dance, boxing and body building. Fusing concepts of strength building with holistic life philosophies of Eastern origin, the principles of Pilates aim to help people manage and improve their physical limitations. Emphasizing breath, core conditioning and body awareness, Pilates is a total mind and body approach to exercise.

Regular exercise

When practising Pilates regularly, you will attain stronger abdominal muscles and other deep hard-to-target muscles by holding certain positions and using the Pilates principles such as Pilates breathing and core engagement. Pilates exercises will make your body appear taller and leaner. You will also notice improved flexibility and strength. Regular Pilates exercise helps to build bone density which declines as we get older and helps alleviate tight muscles, stiff and aching joints and prevent back pain.

Who is pilates for?

Pilates has a mind-body approach to exercise and has helped millions of people to reach their fitness goals and live a more positive lifestyle.

Pilates is for virtually everyone, young and old . Pilates can be incorporated in daily activities such as climbing stairs, working in front of the computer, undertaking domestic duties and lifting babies and toddlers.

In short: Pilates combines flexibility, core strength and body awareness to support physical rehabilitation and improved posture. A Strong Core helps to support the rest of the body. A relaxed and Fun Way of exercising and looking after your self!