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Core Value Pilates

“Join me and grow leaner and stronger. You will feel amazing!”


“Bea Somer has treated me for a variety of injuries including lower back injury, shoulder and neck and just general muscular injuries which my job as a nurse has incurred over the period of the last ten years. I have found her to be knowledgeable, skilful and empathetic and her therapy has resulted in me being able to continue in my job without losing sick time and strengthening my body against further injury with good advice, helpful exercises and developing core strength from regular pilates classes. I would thoroughly recommend her as a therapist and my family and I would thoroughly recommend her pilates classes. All four of us attend pilates and find it to be an enjoyable, beneficial and fun form of exercise which we all can do regardless of age or ability.”


“Bea is a lovely teacher, warm, enthusiastic and patient! My back problems no longer exist thanks to the gentle exercises she has shown me how to do correctly, and my overall flexibility has improved greatly, something I notice at 51 years old!. I’d encourage anyone who wants to enjoy similar suppleness to come to a class and see for themselves.”


“[Bea] has been kind enough to see me for over ten years. Bea helps me manage the long-standing disc problems I have in my lower back with deep tissue massage. Arranging an appointment with Bea is easily done by text. I typically have appointments on weekday evenings after work, which is very convenient for me. But Bea also works during the day and at other times. I have stayed with Bea because I think Bea is a very likeable person. And because she is very good at what she does. For these reasons I am happy to recommend her to others.”


“I have been a repeat client of Bea’s for many years now and am very happy that I found her. My main issue is hypermobility that causes an increased strain on my muscles, particularly in the shoulder and hip areas. Unfortunately I am unable to stretch many of these areas adequately and require Deep Tissue Massage (DTM). Prior to finding Bea, I had a number of bad experiences from practitioners promising DTM, resulting in treatments that were either ineffective or left me with bruises! Using a combination of hot stones and brute strength, Bea is by far the best massage practitioner I have ever used. Along with her excellent massage treatments, I have also tried Bea’s pilates classes and can highly recommend her as a patient and enthusiastic teacher. My core strength and posture have definitely improved.”

A happy customer

“Bea has been providing massage therapy and exercise advice for me over many years. Treatment from Bea has greatly helped manage issues resulting from compensation for a ruptured achilles, the effects of being largely immobile at a computer for work, to managing life’s little knocks and sprains. Treatment aftercare is expertly handled through simple exercise advice. Arranging an appointment with Bea is easy to do over text and she will fit around my schedule. Bea is an expert, professional, friendly and her great attitude goes a long way to make things seem better before the treatment even starts. I wholeheartedly recommend the effective treatment that Bea provides.”


“Bea has treated me on a regular basis for lower back related problems for over eight years. I suffer in this area from time to time which I put down to long hours at the office computer, social running and games of golf! Bea always sorts it out over a series of treatments involving deep tissue massage and exercises which she expertly instructs me to undertake between appointments. This has always put me right. Bea is extremely professional, yet very friendly and cheerful. She will often see me at the end of the working day, which is very helpful, or during a lunch hour. She makes the whole experience most pleasant and I have no hesitation in recommending her highly effective and diligent skills to others with similar issues.”