Pilates Classes

Groups and 1 to 1 tuition in the Woking area. Adults of all abilities and ages are welcome.

Pilates is a mind-body approach to reach fitness goals and to gain a more positive attitude. Pilates is beneficial to every age group and can be incorporated into daily activities such as climbing stairs, working in front of the computer, undertaking domestic tasks and lifting everything from household or work related objects to young children. Small changes in your daily activities can make a huge difference. Sign up today to learn how.

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue, sports therapy including remedial work and hot stones, reflexology, Indian head massage and Thai massage

My signature treatment is deep tissue massage, customised to your particular needs. However, a variety of massage techniques can be employed such as trigger points, mobilisation and advanced stretches or Thai massage stretches focusing on the joints, ligaments and tendons to relieve the discomfort of muscle tension.

The above techniques can be applied for posture-related conditions such as back, neck and shoulder tension to leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free
with the benefits that this brings to all aspects of your life.

*On request, a massage session can end with a guided meditation for total relaxation.

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Well-Being Days

Well-being days

Well-being and mental health days in the workplace.

Chair- or mat-based Pilates, yoga or meditation classes or chair massage can all be offered. The health benefits include posture improvement to prevent back-related problems and general relief from muscular issues and stress.

One of our most popular packages combines chair Pilates and chair-based yoga stretches with breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques leaving the group relaxed and contented.

I can accommodate various group sizes and can customise the programme to make it relevant to you and your business.

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